Private Markets

a core strength that we have continued to build upon, enhance and evolve. Our objective is to invest in high-quality businesses and to partner with company management to grow and improve our companies for the long-term.

KKR has consistently set new standards of achievement in the private investing business. We have a record of accomplishments that distinguishes us as creative and innovative investors. Over the decades, KKR has continued to lead the industry by adapting to a range of economic environments, entering new markets, and finding creative solutions to meet the needs of the companies in which we invest.

KKR is recognized as one of the world’s most successful private investors. We currently have a global private equity portfolio of over 90 companies, each of which is our partner in creating value. Our portfolio encompasses a number of industries such as retail, consumer products, healthcare, industrials, energy, media and communications, financial services, and technology

Private Equity

KKR’s Private Equity platform invests in industry-leading franchises and companies poised for significant improvement or growth that attract high-quality management teams. Our approach is to combine our platform of global resources with our industry knowledge and operational expertise to help improve our portfolio companies over the long-term. Central to this approach is our belief that the private equity model can be a powerful catalyst for improving companies. Our portfolio often benefits from the capabilities and expertise of our two other primary business segments, Public Markets, and Capital Markets & Principal Activities, as well as from KKR Capstone, our Public Affairs team, and our extensive network of Senior Advisors, operational experts, and business contacts. When we invest in a company, all of KKR goes to work on behalf of the investment.

Energy & Infrastructure

Our Energy & Infrastructure platform is built to support the vast capital and operating requirements that are being driven by global growth and urbanization. Growth in the developing markets, when combined with the continued increases in demand in the developed economies, has created an unprecedented need for investment in all forms of energy as well as infrastructure. The intensity of the capital and operating requirements is substantially heightened by the fact that the sources of supply and centers of demand are very different from where they have been located in the past. Accordingly, there are significant needs in the exploration, development, production and transportation of this energy. KKR has invested in both energy and infrastructure for many years, and we have built a business around making investments that take advantage of this growing demand and rapidly changing supply picture.

Our platform focuses on investing both in upstream production and services as well as in the long-lived infrastructure assets that provide critical links in the supply chain, in every case creating products to match the very different risks and returns thoughtfully and carefully. As the market for traditional and alternative sources of energy changes rapidly, and as global infrastructure continues to age in the developed markets and is developed for the first time in emerging markets, KKR is able to provide strong financial and operating resources and knowledge at a time when it is in great demand. We take the same approach to value creation through active ownership that we do in private equity — which we believe is a key market differentiator for KKR.

Real Estate

Through our Real Estate platform, we look for attractive real estate opportunities for the firm's diverse pools of capital, including equity, debt, and special situations investments. We also analyze and add operational value to businesses with significant real estate holdings. Our deep resources and global network of professional relationships position us to be a partner of choice for real estate owners, lenders, operators, and developers who seek flexible capital solutions and growth capital for new ventures.