Energy & Infrastructure

, particularly in developing markets, create unprecedented demand for the development of infrastructure and all forms of energy. Demand is particularly acute because the regions where the energy needs are strongest are often far from where the energy sources reside. Accordingly, there are huge needs for related exploration, development, production, transportation, and distribution of these energy resources.

KKR has invested in both energy and infrastructure for many years, and we have built a business around making investments that supply capital to support this growing demand.

Our energy and infrastructure platform is built around a differentiated, value-added investment strategy and supported by a team with deep industry experience. This platform is an extension of our private equity business, building on the significant expertise we have established by managing investments in complex and regulated businesses and on our record of driving operational improvements in a wide-range of industries.

We are committed to investing in energy and infrastructure assets on a global basis and have made a number of notable investments involving highly complex situations.

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