Portfolio Management Committee

support provided by our investment teams, our Public Affairs team, KKR’s Portfolio Management Committee (PMC), Senior Advisors, and KKR Capstone provides additional expertise, support, and oversight of our private equity portfolio. The PMC also instills centralized discipline in the process of creating value in KKR’s private equity portfolio companies and acts as an early-warning system to identify and address challenges.

PMC: Composition and Methods

The PMC consists of senior professionals drawn from KKR’s private equity industry teams, KKR Capstone, and KKR Senior Advisors. The PMC meets regularly to review the portfolio in detail. This process advances the PMC’s in-depth knowledge of each investment and helps keep investment teams focused on factors that contribute to value creation.

The members of the PMC are also engaged with KKR's private equity portfolio companies on a frequent basis through conversations with KKR private equity teams, KKR Capstone, portfolio-company management teams, and other constituents. Both the degree of information exchanged and the frequency of these exchanges help define KKR’s differentiated operational focus on its portfolio.