KKR Asset Management

is composed of our marketable securities and alternative investments divisions and offers a broad range of investment strategies. Through KAM, our goal is to create consistent and sustainable investment outperformance by combining the high-quality capabilities of our investment team with KKR’s global network, deep industry and operational expertise, and embedded intellectual capital, where appropriate. This enables us to identify opportunities in new, innovative ways, in real time, amid changing markets.

The KAM platform has a team of over 60 investment professionals focused on the global credit markets. Similar to our private equity colleagues, KAM’s investment team is organized into industry groups in order to address the complexities of investing in global businesses. KAM investment professionals are charged with being experts in their respective fields. We believe our expertise in specific industries has led to proprietary investment opportunities and enhanced due diligence capabilities.

Leveraging the experience and creativity of these resources, KAM is able to offer tailored programs for institutional investors and high-net worth investors in accordance with their investment criteria, targeted return, and risk tolerance. It is also an important resource to our private equity deal teams and assists in analyzing debt-specific issues and offering perspectives on investment opportunities, where appropriate.

KAM is registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as an investment adviser.

KKR Asset Management Partners LLP is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Investment Philosophy

Our focus is on utilizing our proprietary resources, as well as the talents and resources of KKR, in ways we believe will generate attractive risk-adjusted returns over a three-to-five-year investment horizon.

We are focused on the following:

  • Sourcing proprietary opportunities by leveraging KKR’s global network of relationships.
  • Capitalizing on our more than 34 years of investment experience to seek to preserve capital.
  • Utilizing the full resources of KKR, where appropriate, to see opportunity where others do not.
  • Actively managing our portfolios in changing market conditions.
  • Aiming to create consistent and sustainable returns across economic cycles.
  • We emphasize long-term capital appreciation.
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