Moving Forward: Our Guiding Principles

in business, KKR’s reach and capabilities have clearly expanded to meet the growing needs of our investment partners and the shifting dynamics of the global financial markets. While our deep experience in private equity remains central to our business, we have truly developed into a full-service firm.

Even as the KKR story continues to be written, a few key principles will continue to guide our future growth:

  • We believe partnership is the key to our success. An alignment of interests with our investors, our clients, our financing partners, our public shareholders, the managers of our portfolio companies, our employees, and other key stakeholders.
  • We take a flexible and creative approach to deploying capital to meet the needs of companies and investors, through traditional buyouts, spinoffs, or growth equity.
  • We invest across the complete spectrum of a company’s capital structure, allowing us more opportunities to be a partner.
  • We build better companies through a strong operational focus: thinking and investing as industrialists with industry-specific and financial expertise, enhancing economic growth, and providing opportunities around the world.
  • We have an unparalleled global network of advisors and relationships with industry, government leaders, and leaders of NGOs to help make us smarter investors as well as better and more responsible stewards of the companies in which we invest. 
  • We are committed, long-term investors.