KKR Global Institute

to emerging geopolitical and macro-economic trends as well as the impacts of revolutionary technological changes are critical to smart investing, portfolio management, and risk mitigation. This understanding is essential to defining where we should invest and how we can help companies grow. This is where the KKR Global Institute comes into play.

KKR Insights

KKR's Global Institute includes the macro economic analysis of KKR's Insights.

Over the past several years, macro-economic and geopolitical considerations, including the heightened role of central banks following the financial crisis, new regulation and major changes in public policy, have led to KKR’s increased engagement on these areas and on environmental, social and governance issues.

With former General David Petraeus as Chairman, the KKR Global Institute brings all of these pieces together as the nexus of KKR's focus on the investment implications of these issues. It will also further build on the firm’s efforts to help KKR’s portfolio companies expand globally, and it will periodically serve as an outlet for publishing the firm’s thought leadership products, including views from portfolio managers and industry experts.

KKR Global Institute