Our Workplace

will be driven in large part by the thoughtful management of our culture and community, for it is our people and partners that are at the core of the Firm’s success. Our values, Firm structure, leadership, and community engagement are essential parts of managing KKR for long-term growth. Our employee focused efforts are centered on three pillars: the health and well-being of our employees, an efficient and effective office environment, and the development of a strong, inclusive culture.

Supporting Employee Wellness

KKR has always been committed to providing the best health care and wellness opportunities possible for our employees. While we continue to strengthen our efforts on wellness among our private equity portfolio companies, we also decided to deepen our commitment internally.

In 2012, for the first time, KKR offered free, on-site biometric screening events to all employees in our U.S. offices. Through a strategic communication effort, strong leadership from senior management, and a compelling incentive, KKR achieved 98 percent participation in the screenings, a result we are very proud to report. All employees received on-site health coaching and follow-up outreach if their results indicated a health risk.

Through 2013 and in 2014, we will continue to offer all of these programs and look to improve our biometric screening participation with the goal of reaching 100 percent.

“Greening” Our Operations

KKR is committed to operating efficient, sustainable, and strong businesses through its “greening” initiatives. We believe that our greatest environmental impact comes through our work with private equity portfolio companies. Therefore, we have focused on environmental issues with our portfolio companies through initiatives, such as the Green Portfolio Program. However, with growing teams and offices around the world, we have an ever-increasing opportunity to measure and manage KKR’s direct environmental footprint.

In 2011, the Firm founded the KKR Green Team at our New York headquarters. The Green Team comprises cross functional subject matter experts and is charged with evaluating current practices, setting baselines, and prioritizing initiatives.

Developing a Diverse Culture

Having employees with varied backgrounds, perspectives, skills, and experiences helps strengthen our teams and our investment decisions. We focus on promoting and supporting diversity at our Firm and in our industry. We also provide our employees with training and experiences that develop their skills to maximize performance and realize their full potential. We believe that a strong focus on both diversity and development helps KKR to build better teams and ultimately better businesses.

Diversity is an area on which the Firm is committed to focusing and building. A working group of KKR executives focuses on expanding our network of relationships and developing opportunities to increase diversity at the Firm.

We also work with external organizations to promote diversity in our industry as a whole. Through a series of partnerships and sponsorships with leading organizations, we hope to build the talent pipeline and networks of diverse professionals. Organizations that KKR has proudly supported over the last decade include:

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO)

Since 2009, we have been an active partner with SEO. At the beginning of our engagement, we helped to design and launch the Alternative Investments Fellowship Program. This program is geared toward increasing workplace diversity and is designed to provide a pathway, training, and mentoring opportunities for talented young financial executives of color to increase their presence in the alternative investments field.

Private Equity Women Investors Network (PE WIN)

KKR is an engaged supporter of PE WIN and serves on the steering committee for the organization. PE WIN’s mission is to provide a forum for female general partners, limited partners, and private equity professionals to network, share investment ideas, and explore opportunities to work together.

The Robert Toigo Foundation

KKR is a multi-year supporter of the Toigo Foundation, which supports MBA students with Toigo fellowships and provides outreach to minorities and female professionals to help them obtain leadership roles at their respective finance institutions.

Out on the Street

KKR is a proud sponsor of Out on the Street, an annual summit designed to focus on challenges and opportunities for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people working on Wall Street.