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Unlocking the World for Central and Eastern European Champions
BY JOHANNES P. HUTH, Martin Rajčan, Tomáš Kubica • Nov 02, 2014

Unlocking the World for Central and Eastern European Champions

Twenty five years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the broader Central and Eastern Europe (CEE region) is once again a flashpoint of global geopolitics. With heightened tensions surrounding Ukraine and Russia, the risk perception of CEE has increased in the eyes of many international observers and investors alike. That perspective ignores the tremendous progress CEE countries have achieved in their governance, economies, and institutions over the past quarter century. We believe that in....

BY HENRY H. MCVEY • Sep 15, 2014

Investment Implications of an Asynchronous Global Recovery

Unlike past recoveries over the last 20 years, we see the current one as highly asynchronous. Central to our thesis, we believe, is a unique set of ma....

BY HENRY H. MCVEY • Jun 26, 2014

Midyear Outlook: Four Big Macro Trends at Work

Our updated asset allocation framework reflects the four big macro trends we currently see driving returns across the global capital markets. First, i....

BY GIRISH REDDY, Eric Wolfe • Jun 01, 2014

Pension Plan De-Risking: Is LDI the Only Option?

In 2013, the strong performance of global equity markets in combination with rising rates substantially improved the funded status of most corporat....

BY MARC LIPSCHULTZ, Raj Agrawal • May 20, 2014

The Way Forward: A New Economic Vision for America’s Infrastructure

Summary Disruptive market, demographic, fiscal, and environmental dynamics are fundamentally reshaping America’s economic landscape. In this new ....

BY HENRY H. MCVEY • May 19, 2014

Mexico: Different Investment Lens Required

By Henry H. McVey, Head of Global Macro & Asset Allocation And Vance Serchuk, Executive Director of the KKR Global Institute Given both the breadt....