Credit Our Approach

We utilize a fundamental investment approach and leverage proprietary resources to seek out investments where we have a definable edge, long-term capital appreciation, and attractive, consistent risk-adjusted returns.

KKR’s Approach to Credit Investing



  • Investment decisions are predicated on a clear thesis
  • Deep due-diligence and a distinguished competitive advantage required before credit investing
  • Access to full KKR operational resources including KKR Capstone and Public Affairs and proactively driving operational improvement where we have governance rights or control
  • Re-evaluate and re-underwrite each credit quarterly
  • Ongoing re-evaluation of portfolio structure and risk measures
  • Continuous portfolio optimization


  • Steward investors’ capital as if it were our own
  • Focus on downside risk and creating low cost options
  • Require detailed, proprietary research for any credit considered for portfolio inclusion
  • Re-underwrite portfolio on a quarterly basis, resulting in extremely low default statistics


  • “Single-platform sourcing” and ability to leverage the full KKR network: KKR investment teams, KKR Capital Markets, KKR Capstone, portfolio company management, KKR’s Senior Advisor network
  • Thematic approach to identifying market dislocations and sourcing proactively
  • Experienced, dedicated sourcing professionals
  • Long-standing relationships with a wide network of issuers
  • Valued client to Wall Street with a network of PE sponsors, banks, and trading desks