ESG Management

Partnering with Our Portfolio

Responsible Investment in Asia-Pacific

KKR’s global Private Equity ESG Policy and related practices grant a competitive advantage for KKR today in the marketplace. Creating sustainable long-term value in companies and having the right environmental practices, the right labor practices, and the right transparency in governance are all critical elements of a successful business. September 30, 2014.

While many of the businesses in which we invest face diverse sustainability challenges or opportunities, just as they face diverse operational or financial issues, some issues do span multiple sectors. When there are common issues, we see a particular opportunity to build “communities of best practice” on shared challenges and to learn from the expertise within our own portfolio.

Believing that we have a differentiated ability to help our private equity portfolio companies pursue ESG-related goals, we created a number of proactive ESG programs to share resources to address common challenges. Working alongside our internal and external partners, we focus on producing results through financial, environmental, and social impact, or risk mitigation.

In late 2016, we began evaluating how to enhance our proactive ESG programs to better support sustainable innovation. We will continue to offer companies access to a range of best practices, trusted experts, tested resources, and a nuanced understanding of the issues that are most relevant to them. Our offerings will continue to adapt with the challenging environment in which our businesses operate. Learn more about our sustainable innovation platform here.