KKR 40 for 40

KKR 40 for 40 – Year One Recap

July 2017

Our employees around the world are directly involved in their communities, volunteering their time, talent, and expertise to countless nonprofit organizations. From ongoing volunteer commitments to engagements as board members or advisors, KKR employees donate thousands of hours to community projects and organizations across the world each year.

This year, our 40th anniversary as a firm, we have decided to support employees in their efforts to give back. Each employee will be provided up to 40 hours of paid volunteer time that they can use at nonprofits around the world. To amplify our impact, we are encouraging employees to focus their efforts in three areas: Employment and Community Development, Health and Education, and the Environment.

Employees can structure their time how best suits them and can give hours to as many or as few nonprofits as they wish. During this year of our anniversary celebration, we hope employees will take the time to give back to others in the same spirit of partnership, teamwork and excellence that has built our firm.

Our Founders’ Philanthropy

A focus on community giving is a commitment shared by our founders, Henry Kravis and George Roberts, both of whom are actively involved in positively contributing to their communities through their engagement with a number of leading nonprofits.
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