KKR Programs

During 2015, we deepened our corporate engagement efforts by providing more internal and external impact opportunities for employees and our shared communities.

Matching Gift Program

The KKR Employee Matching Gift Program matches employee donations to eligible nonprofit organizations dollar for dollar up to $4,000 per employee annually to incentivize employee giving and community involvement. Since its launch in 2013, the program has provided more than $1 million to nonprofit organizations across the globe.

KKR Speaker Series

We continued our KKR Speaker Series, introducing our executives to new organizations and thought leaders, and introducing opportunities for community involvement. Featured organizations included Midori & Friends and Student Sponsor Partners in New York City in 2015.

Nonprofit Board Service Opportunities

We are committed to connecting KKR executives with nonprofit board service opportunities. To date, we have successfully placed more than 22 executives on nonprofit boards. Through ongoing engagement and partnership, employees in these roles interact in a meaningful way with key nonprofits and the populations they serve.

Support for Social Enterprises

KKR has provided pro bono impact investment assistance to social enterprises and businesses that put social impact on par with or ahead of financial impact. These efforts launched in Asia in 2013 and since then teams of employees from KKR and KKR Capstone[1] have provided financial, operational, and analytical expertise to East Bali Cashews, Glovax Biotech Corporation, and Banyan Nation[2]. KKR is expanding this effort to the United States in 2016, thereby engaging more KKR employees and further harnessing the power of social enterprises around the world.

[1] KKR Capstone is not an affiliate or subsidiary of KKR. Please see for additional disclosure regarding KKR Capstone.

[2] East Bali Cashews, Glovax Biotech Corporation, and Banyan Nation are not KKR portfolio companies.