Our Workplace

KKR’s long-term growth will be driven in large part by the thoughtful management of our culture and community, for it is our people and partners that are at the core of the Firm’s success. Our values, firm structure, leadership, and community engagement are essential parts of managing KKR for long-term growth. Our employee focused efforts are centered on four pillars: the health and well-being of our employees, an efficient and effective office environment, the development of a strong, inclusive culture, and the engagement of employees in a thriving organization.

Developing a Diverse Culture

Having employees with varied backgrounds, perspectives, skills, and experiences helps strengthen our teams and our investment decisions. We focus on promoting and supporting diversity at our Firm and in our industry. We also provide our employees with training and experiences that develop their skills to maximize performance and realize their full potential. Becoming more diverse and inclusive is a strategic priority for our internal operations, as we believe that people from different backgrounds and perspectives help us make better decisions.

The Firm is committed to focusing and building on the area of diversity. To help us realize this inclusive workplace, in 2014 we created the Inclusion & Diversity Council (IDC). It includes eight of our senior most people who possess distinctly global points of view, including the Head of Human Resources. This group works with an Advisory Group of approximately 20 executives at various levels across the Firm to drive recruiting, promote retention, and maximize external partnerships. During 2015, our Firm offered global training in this high priority area to senior executives and managers. Across the Firm, there is increasing accountability for diverse candidate slates in our new hire process, and we are working to provide and promote programs that support the retention and development of diverse candidates.

We also work with external organizations to promote diversity in our industry as a whole. Through a series of partnerships and sponsorships with leading organizations, we hope to build the talent pipeline and networks of diverse professionals.

Supporting Employee Wellbeing

KKR is committed to providing health care and wellness opportunities for our employees. While we continue to strengthen our efforts on wellness among our private equity portfolio companies, we also decided to deepen our commitment internally. Our approach to employee benefits and resources is strategically aligned with our priorities as an organization and aims to integrate health care, wellness, and work-life flexibility considerations.

As part of the KKR Wellness Works initiative and our commitment to align with the recommendations that we make to our portfolio companies, KKR has facilitated biometric screenings for our U.S.-based employees for four years. All employees received wellness coaching and health management resources if their results indicated a health risk.

We offer a flu shot program, health risk assessment, cancer screening annually, CPR training, healthy food options, and support for physical activities, including gym memberships, walking programs, and running events.

To drive further growth in these program areas and foster a culture of health and wellness, KKR hired a global head of benefits in 2014 which advances our wellness platform. For example, the Firm enhanced parental leave and support policies and in 2015 we expanded our adoption policies to cover U.S. employees (with global expansion underway in 2016) and were subsequently named an industry leader in adoption-friendly practices by the Dave Thomas Foundation. With these goals, we are a proud founding member of The Working Parent Support Coalition in partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative.

Moving forward, we are committed to ensuring that these programs evolve to provide the most comprehensive and forward-thinking options to our employees.

”Greening” Our Operations

We believe that our greatest environmental impact comes through our work with portfolio companies. Therefore, we have focused on environmental issues with our portfolio companies through initiatives such as the Green Solutions Platform. However, with growing teams and offices around the world, our commitment extends to enhancing KKR’s direct environmental footprint. We accomplish this through strategic operational changes and employee engagement.

As the Firm continues to expand globally and open new offices, we are identifying opportunities to integrate environmentally focused initiatives. Moving forward, we will continue to provide opportunities for KKR employees to participate in awareness campaigns and service events, such as our global support of Earth Hour. These efforts not only reinforce the Firm’s commitment to sustainability, but also support procedures and products that are healthiest for our employees and environment.

Making Work Fun

KKR aims to be an employer of choice for top talent around the globe. As such, we offer a range of social events and experiences to our employees. As a firm, we provide opportunities for employees to socialize and build relationships outside of our office walls. Whether through trivia nights or sporting events, we are always working to find ways for employees to connect with each other and disconnect from their computers.

Our New York office organizes quarterly events for employees that often have both a social and philanthropic focus. For example, our annual Holiday party is coupled with a coat drive, a Halloween event raises money and awareness for the food bank, and an annual trivia night is in partnership with a local nonprofit focused on education.

In addition to the local and regional events hosted by our offices and departments, we aim to bring employees from various geographies together whenever possible. At executive trainings and offsites, we balance work with fun, providing structured volunteer time as well as social outings.

Equal Employment Opportunity

KKR will provide equal employment opportunity to all employees and applicants for employment. No employee will be discriminated against in hiring or employment because of race, color, sex, age, disability, religion, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, ancestry, military status, genetic information, or any other basis protected by applicable federal, state or local law.