By Ajay Candade Sep 05, 2019

The importance of a high-quality education – including for the youngest pupils – cannot be overstated because it provides the foundation for individuals, communities and industries alike to advance towards a more promising future. And considering India’s economic development and increasing prominence on the global stage, the role that education plays in the country is especially meaningful.

India is experiencing rapid transition, with a growing middle class, rising urbanization, increasingly global aspirations and a more highly skilled workforce than ever before. Many of these rising middle class families include dual-income earners, living in nuclear families.

Each of these factors has led to a growing demand for high-quality education beginning from the earliest ages. Indian parents want a holistic learning experience, focused on providing a nurturing and secure environment for their children.

With over 125 million children between the ages of two and six1, as well as the largest K-12 population in the world with 320 million students 2, there are significant opportunities for India’s private education system. However, despite this structural demand, there is a shortage of trusted, pan-Indian, private education companies to meet the India’s growing need for world-class, new-age learning environments.

One company addressing this problem is EuroKids International, a leading Indian education services provider. For nearly 20 years, EuroKids has been at the forefront of education innovation, playing an active role in the evolution of the Indian education landscape.

EuroKids has built one of India’s largest and most well-regarded Pre-K through K-12 education services companies through its commitment to safety and development of new-age curricula that meets international standards. It promotes holistic learning by encouraging children to acquire knowledge and life skills through exploration and discovery. EuroKids’ portfolio of award-winning school brands – including EuroKids Daycare, EuroSchool, Billabong International and Kangaroo Kids – serves more than 120,000 students from 1,115 play schools and 35 K-12 schools primarily in India, as well as with a small presence in markets such as Nepal, Maldives, UAE and Qatar.

KKR shares EuroKids’ commitment to education and we are proud to announce the close of our investment in the company this week. We are excited to help EuroKids positively shape the lives of India’s children for years to come and we look forward to working closely with EuroKids’ team of experienced educators and administrators to accelerate the company’s growth through both organic and inorganic opportunities, while advancing its core mission to bring the highest-quality education to students across India.

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