By Vincent Letteri Aug 16, 2016

Since I joined KKR Capstone in 2007, I’ve had the privilege to work in different businesses as well as in different geographies. My work has taken me from Menlo Park to Hong Kong to Seoul and back. After eight years at KKR Capstone, I currently run KKR’s TMT Growth Equity business in Menlo Park.

Last month, I had the opportunity to interview George Roberts as a part of KKR’s Annual Associate and Analyst orientation and training. This group of new joiners came from investment banks, growth equity firms, consulting firms and more.

My discussion with George covered everything from the culture and values of the Firm to the founding of KKR, to what he is reading and, of course, his best advice for the new joiners. His advice to the group was short and simple: “Be engaged and make a difference here. The firm’s still of the size where you can make a difference.”

I’ve experienced this first hand at both KKR Capstone and KKR. I have been able to work on everything from diligencing a potential deal to starting a new business unit to working with management teams to solve their company’s challenges and create a lasting impact. I was able to be a part of KKR’s pioneering environmental initiative, the Green Portfolio Program (now referred to as the Green Solutions Platform). The ability to move geographies, the ability to take on new roles at the firm is something that I find very motivating, because it means that I'm constantly developing, I'm constantly learning, and it's one of my favorite things about the firm overall. As a workplace, KKR is a place where anything is possible. If individuals have a great investment idea, and they have the gumption to raise their hand and speak up, there are plenty of people here who will be willing to work with them on that idea – either to make it a reality or explore it exhaustively as part of the investment process. At KKR you not only have plenty of room to run, you also have plenty of people willing to run beside you.

Welcome to the Firm, class of 2016, there’s never been a more exciting time here than right now. You can make a difference here…and in our investments. As long as you have the courage to speak up.