Jul 09, 2018


Craig Larson, Head of Investor Relations, welcomes the public shareholders and members of the equity research community who joined us at Investor Day.

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Welcome and Introduction

Craig Larson
Head of Investor Relations, KKR



Thank you everybody. Thank you for joining us at our 2018 Investor Day, and a special thank you to all of our out of town guests, in particular recognizing your Monday morning start.

So I’m Craig Larson. I am our Head of Investor Relations and to begin, as everybody knows, I have the pleasure of reviewing this first slide. So our presentations today will contain forward looking statements which do not guarantee future events or performance. Please refer to our SEC filings for cautionary factors and we also will be referring to non-GAAP measures over the course of the day that are reconciled to the most directly comparable GAAP figures that are in the materials in front of you and are also on our website.

So we are excited to be here. It has been fun preparing for this event because it has given us an opportunity to look back and reflect on the growth that we have seen across all of our segments while at the same time looking forward to how we think we are positioned across all of our respective businesses. And at the same time, it has been fun to be here again recognizing that we think we have an opportunity to introduce ourselves to an entire new audience. The timing of this event, of course, was really driven alongside of our decision to change our corporate structure.

We made that decision in early May and the decision itself became effective a little over a week ago on July 1st. Since May, we have had an opportunity to visit with roughly 100 institutions and the feedback that we have from those meetings really confirms what we felt for a long time that there is a large part of the investment universe that has just found it very difficult to buy our stock because of our structure. And that all changed a week ago. If you look at our trading profile of last week, again, interesting despite the July 4th holiday being in the middle of the week, we saw our three most active trading days in our history since we have been publicly listed since the beginning of 2010.

So for all of you who are newer to KKR, both in the room as well as on our webcast, again, welcome and thank you as well.

You see in front of you our agenda for the day. You see we will be hearing from a lot of our senior leaders across the firm and I think you will gain the sense of the broad enthusiasm that we have for our prospects again across all of our segments. Three final logistical notes. First, instead of having our speakers answer one or two questions at the end of their presentations, we ask that everybody hold their questions and at the end of the sessions, Henry Kravis, Joe Bae and Scott Nuttall are going to come back on stage. We will have a group Q&A session. Secondly, in terms of lunch, lunch is actually not being held in this room. It is being held one floor below us. So at the end of the Q&A session, we all can head down the stairs that are just at the exit of this room and we can all head to the Terrace Room downstairs. The tables that you will see once we enter the Terrace Room, there is not assigned seating and we are going to have a fireside chat with Henry and General David Petraeus. Then, finally, at the end of that session, please do not forget to take your gifts. We have a portable Sonos speaker for everybody as a thank you for joining us. Sonos is a US private equity portfolio company of ours and they actually filed for their initial public offering at the end of last week.

So with that, I am excited to invite to the stage Henry Kravis, our Co-Chairman and our Co-Chief Executive Officer.



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