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Global Perspectives

Sep 07, 2016

Time to Focus: Five Key Investment Themes

By Henry H. McVey

Rising macroeconomic and geopolitical tensions are creating both opportunities and risks for global investors across the entire global capital mark....

May 10, 2016

China: Mounting Macro Paradox

By Henry H. McVey

A recent visit to China gives us more assurance that there is a base rate of economic growth that the government — using a variety of monetary an....

Mar 08, 2016

Spotlighting 2016’s Great Debates

By Henry H. McVey

Despite the recent sell-off in risk assets, we still do not think that 2016 is the time to lean in. Our base case is that the investment climate re....

Feb 24, 2015

China’s Rebalancing Effort: Will It Be Enough?

By Henry H. McVey

Over the past 10 years, China has been the fastest growing major economy in the world.  It has also had among the worst stock market returns a....

Feb 20, 2014

China: Repositioning Now Required

By Henry H. McVey

The Chinese economy is still undergoing a significant transition, including its diminishing role as the low cost “manufacturer to the world.” As s....

Apr 09, 2013

China in Transition

By Henry H. McVey

From almost any vantage point, it appears that China is at somewhat of an inflection point in its rich cultural and economic history. The government, ....