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Global Perspectives

Jan 09, 2014

Outlook 2014: Stay the Course

By Henry H. McVey

We believe that we are now entering the global synchronous phase of a long but bumpy recovery process that started in 2009. However, unlike many other....

Sep 10, 2013

Asset Allocation in a Low Rate Environment

By Henry H. McVey

Now that the Federal Reserve is committed to some form of tapering, we believe that asset allocation within the fixed income arena becomes even more s....

Feb 19, 2013

Natural Resources: A Step Further

By Henry H. McVey

The recent macro backdrop of historic quantitative easing, intensifying globalization, and geopolitical supply threats has increasingly informed ou....

Jan 16, 2013

Outlook for 2013: A Changing Playbook

By Henry H. McVey

As part of our “changing playbook” thesis, we see four important macro themes worthy of investor attention in 2013. First, we believe that investo....

Sep 19, 2012

Real Estate: Focus on Growth, Yield and Inflation-Hedging

By Henry H. McVey

In general, we are attracted to many parts of the real estate market because we view the asset class as a compelling play on our macro view that gr....

Jun 18, 2012

The World in Rebalancing Mode: A Marathon, Not Sprint

By Henry H. McVey

After nearly a decade of accumulating macro imbalances in the global economy, something had to give. The boom-bust cycle of 2001–2008 saw growing....