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Global Perspectives

Jan 27, 2022

You’re gonna need
a bigger boat!

By Daniel Pietrzak

Through our recent conversations with management teams globally, we were reminded of the 1975 thriller “Jaws.” In it Mayor Vaughn exclaims “We....

Dec 16, 2021

A Different Kind of Recovery

By Henry H. McVey

As we peer around the corner towards tomorrow, our macro viewpoint remains that this cycle will be different. The ongoing uncertainty linked to COV....

Nov 10, 2021

Credit Royale

By Christopher A. Sheldon

As with all great stories and cycles — they begin and end somewhere. Years of history, plot twists, and rotating protagonists have made the credit....

Oct 13, 2021

How COVID Lifted and Shifted IT Priorities

By Tomas Kubica, Jyo Sinha

Overview There is little doubt that technology has gained even more prominence in the post-pandemic world. Businesses have shifted their infrastruc....

Oct 06, 2021

Dream Big

By Henry H. McVey

It is extraordinary — and to some degree unnerving — to reflect on how much the world has changed since we published our last insurance survey i....

Aug 05, 2021


By Christopher A. Sheldon

We began the year recognizing that the fundamental investing landscape had dramatically shifted. We related to this new investing paradigm through....