"More than four decades of investing have taught us that success lies in people and in performance. To successfully grow companies and create positive outcomes for communities, we must consider multiple stakeholders’ perspectives and a range of factors. Ten years ago, we recognized the opportunity to develop differentiated investment strategies that protect and grow value. By proactively considering broader stakeholder issues as part of our investment process, we began our responsible investment journey."

- Henry R. Kravis and George R. Roberts, Co-Chairmen and Co-CEOs

"As we look to the future, we expect things to change far more than they stay the same. We are building teams that better anticipate, predict, and drive changes where we can – and that better embrace and adapt to change where we must. What we know for sure is that change is inevitable, but for folks like us, it is also highly desirable. For at KKR, change has brought us opportunities, seizing those opportunities has created growth, and managing that growth has driven performance for us, our companies, our investors, and our communities.

So, bring on the change. We’re ready.”

- Joe Bae and Scott Nuttall, Co-Presidents and Co-Chief Operating Officers