We want to attract the best thinkers and actors. While we feel that we have always strived to provide unparalleled value – and values – to our teams, we know that today’s workers’ expectations are changing. And so, we are changing too. During the past five years, we have analyzed what it means to be a great employer by talking to our people and studying industry-leading companies, research, and leaders. We brought in experts and held focus groups on office design, well-being, and employee engagement. This input helped us identify key areas of opportunity, such as diversity and inclusion, employee involvement in decision-making, and flexible work arrangements.

“We are proud to be certified as a Great Place To Work® and are committed to advancing and evolving our workplace experience in order to be the best we can be. We recognize that this is a journey, not a destination, and as such merits a focus on continuous improvement.”

Becoming a Best Place to Work

We are now proud to be certified as a Great Place To Work®. Undertaking this certification was a way to learn more about ourselves as well as determine how we were performing against today’s leading companies. We are committed to doing more to become an even greater place to work recognizing that this objective is a journey that requires a focus on continuous improvement. We expect best practices, benchmarks, and expectations will continue to change. And perhaps more importantly, we believe we can always do more with and for the people who drive our shared success.

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The KKR Experience

To create the strongest workforce and culture possible, we are focused on providing our employees with an unparalleled and distinctive experience. Since 2016, we have considered our definition of the KKR Experience and have dedicated resources to improving it.

Workplace Culture:
Cultivating Success

Our Firm’s values guide our goals and interactions, setting us apart from our peers. The seven values set out by our founders underpin all that we do and have shaped the environment we have built. These values will continue to serve us far into the future as we seek to remain relevant, responsible, and relationship-driven.

Core Business:
Producing Exceptional Results

When KKR began, we were a pioneer in the private equity industry. Today we are a strong, global Firm thanks to decades of hard work and positive outcomes. What sets KKR apart are our differentiated investment strategies, a commitment to responsible investment, and our dynamic global footprint. When people join KKR, they have access to innovative investment prospects, as well as a network of exceptional professionals – a combination that proves both fulfilling and challenging.

Career Development:
Investing in Employees

To cultivate the most engaged and impactful workforce, we invest in employee training and professional development so that our people receive mentoring and coaching support across every level of the Firm. Our merit-driven compensation structure and generous benefit programs provide attractive financial incentives and rewards for our employees that we believe translate to more positive outcomes for our investors and shareholders.

Giving Back to Our Communities

Good citizenship helps make KKR an increasingly dynamic and appealing place to work. Citizenship encompasses how we engage with our employees and communities and how they in turn engage with each other. We believe it is integral to the KKR Experience and can create real value for us as a company, for our employees, and for the communities we all share.

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