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We are guided by our strong values, an eagerness to innovate, and a highly collaborative culture. Our goal is to provide an unrivaled experience to our employees, so that they have the opportunity to engage in meaningful and challenging work in support of our shared clients, colleagues, and communities.

Growing and Learning

The core values of our founding partners are as relevant today as they were when the Firm began. These values are essential to how we do business at KKR, including how we manage and engage with our employees.

We want to attract the best talent to KKR. While we feel that we have always strived to provide unparalleled value – and values – to our teams, we know that today’s workers’ expectations are evolving. And so, we are evolving too. We have analyzed what it means to be a great employer by talking to our people and studying industry-leading companies, research, and leaders. We brought in experts and held focus groups on a range of issues. We performed a “regretted loss” study, interviewing former KKR employees to gather candid insight on drivers of departure. Input from diverse sources has helped us identify key areas of opportunity, such as diversity and inclusion, clarity around career advancement, and flexible work arrangements.

We introduced programming and policy changes to close the gaps and address blind spots that we identified through these channels. We enhanced manager effectiveness, designed a platform to increase lateral and upward mobility, and invested deeply in the needs and growth of our employees.

Additionally, we seek employee input through an annual employee engagement survey. Recently, we have shifted to seeking anonymous employee input more regularly and launched two additional topic-specific employee engagement surveys in 2020.

We are committed to doing more to become an even greater place to work recognizing that achieving this objective is a journey that requires a focus on continuous improvement. We expect best practices, benchmarks, and expectations will continue to change. And perhaps more importantly, we believe we can always do more with and for the people who drive our shared success.

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Working at KKR

At KKR, we strive to attract, develop, and engage talented people to create positive results and experiences for our investors, companies, and stakeholders. By embracing new research, leveraging technology, and collaborating across teams, we better understand what matters most to our people, and thus to our business. Four key pillars of working at KKR are outlined below and described in detail here.

Investing in Training and Development

We extensively invest in employee training and professional development knowing our employees’ success is our success. We offer opportunities designed to help our people receive the support they need to invest in, grow, and excel at their work. These offerings include a 360-degree review process to maximize performance, development opportunities at key career transitions, skills-based development workshops, and more.

Driving Diversity for Better Results

We continue to cultivate a more diverse workforce and inclusive workplace because we believe that having team members with varied backgrounds and perspectives improves business results. We also believe that the composition of our talent should be more reflective of the client we serve, the companies in which we invest, and the communities where we live and work.

Focusing on Wellness and Benefits

Fostering a culture of health and wellness remains a priority for KKR. We offer our employees tools and resources to make informed health care decisions that foster physical and mental well-being. Employees have access to a variety of wellness offerings, such as an on-site health coach, fitness reimbursement benefits, virtual and in-person ergonomics consultations, and well-being challenges.

Greening Our Operations

KKR has an ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability. Although the majority of our Firm’s environmental impact arises from our work with portfolio companies, we are taking steps to reduce our direct environmental footprint as well. In 2019, the Firm achieved a significant milestone and became carbon neutral for the first time by measuring our greenhouse gas emissions and purchasing high-quality carbon offsets.

For the most current performance update and metrics on our ESG, impact, and citizenship activities, visit our ESG microsite. Read the 2018 ESG, Impact, and Citizenship Report for even more information.