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Infrastructure Our Approach

Our strategy is to seek infrastructure investments with limited downside risk. We seek to drive value creation through distinctive sourcing, deep operational engagement, and active stakeholder management. We believe this strategy leads to value-added returns for our investors.

The KKR Approach: A Value-Added Investment Strategy

Disciplined investment selection
Infrastructure is a distinct asset class, making selection, based on a variety of factors, critically important. We focus on investments where we believe risk can be minimized in order to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns, and we use a risk-based asset selection process to make our decisions.
Distinctive sourcing and structuring
Proactive outreach, strong reputation and relationships, focused local networks, and resources valued by management teams and entrepreneurs have the potential to yield investments not available to others.
Deep operational engagement
Our long history of value creation, coupled with our substantial investment in people, processes and resources to drive operational improvement, positions us to create value in infrastructure assets.
Active stakeholder management
The expertise of our Public Affairs group, outside advisors and partnerships with policymakers, organized labor, environmental NGOs and other interested parties provide KKR with differentiated opportunities to enhance the long-term value of our infrastructure investments.
Portfolio diversification
The team is focused on creating a broadly diversified portfolio across markets, sectors, risks and geographies.