Security and Fraud Awareness

Security and Fraud Awareness

KKR prioritizes the security of our clients’ information and assets and is committed to ensuring that clients and employees are made aware of fraudulent schemes and activities when communicating with KKR. Fraud is an issue that companies may face regardless of size, industry, or country.

While we maintain robust cybersecurity measures, cyber criminals may seek to impersonate or claim affiliation with KKR and create fraudulent websites, email domains, applications, and social media accounts.   Fraudsters may pose as legitimate organizations and send emails or make phone calls to extract personal data that can be manipulated for the use of financial crimes.  These scams are complex as the perpetrators may use real employee names and replicate proprietary documentation.

KKR encourages clients to be aware of the different types of fraud and to exercise caution when disclosing personal information.  To help improve awareness and knowledge, we offer the following information about cyber threats and guidance to help protect from falling victim to a cyber-attack or scam. 

When communicating with KKR please note:

  • KKR does not engage in cold calling or in sending unsolicited messages or emails to clients. KKR only contacts people from official e-mail addresses. 
  • Confirm you are visiting a KKR authorized website.
  • Do not share your password and login ID with anyone, including anyone from KKR.
  • Do not communicate or deal with personnel who are not affiliated with an authorized KKR office. All authorized office locations are listed on our locations page.
  • KKR does not conduct business over chat platforms. 
  • Imposters can use the KKR name in furtherance of a variety of criminal activities. In particular, beware of scams purportedly affiliated with KKR that promise extraordinary returns on your investment at little to no risk.  

KKR provides links to the resources below for informational purposes only and is not responsible for their content. 

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If you come across any websites, mobile applications, e-commerce accounts or social media accounts in the name of or affiliated with KKR; or receive emails, text messages or phone calls from KKR that you are uncertain about or which you believe to be fraudulent, please either contact your KKR Representative, email us at or call us at +1 (212) 230-9700.