A strategic insurance partnership

KKR has been working with insurance companies since the 1970s when the first insurance clients invested with our Firm.  Today, KKR manages assets across public and private credit, infrastructure, real estate, and private equity on behalf of over 150 global insurers.  In addition, KKR owns a majority stake in Global Atlantic, a leading insurance and reinsurance company. 
Through our partnership with Global Atlantic, which KKR acquired in 2021, we provide the full breadth of KKR’s investment expertise and resources for the benefit of Global Atlantic’s investment portfolio, allowing Global Atlantic to meet its obligations.  Our work originating and managing assets and developing opportunities for Global Atlantic also enhances our expertise for the benefit of all of our global insurance clients.

KKR and Global Atlantic: Better Together


KKR offers a wide variety of solutions across Credit, Infrastructure, Private Equity, and Real Estate.