Alternatives Unlocked

Alternatives Unlocked 

In a changing macro environment that is challenging the durability of traditional 60/40 portfolios, investors may want to consider alternative sources of diversification.

With a focus on the private markets, the KKR Alternatives Unlocked education platform empowers investors to confidently explore the alternative path forward, complete with continuing education credit opportunities for financial professionals.


Why Consider Private Markets?

The Importance of Macro Perspectives
The Global Wealth Investment Playbook

Learn about KKR’s latest perspective on what’s shaping the current macroeconomic environment, asset allocation trends, and what this means for private market investments. Explore highlights from this quarter’s Global Wealth Investment Playbook and, if you are a financial professional, subscribe to receive the full Playbook in your inbox.


Explore the Private Market Asset Classes

Dig deeper into each of the four private market asset classes to learn what they are, why they matter and how they may fit within existing portfolios.

Explore Continuing Education On-Demand
For Financial Professionals Only

Explore Continuing Education On Demand

Our growing library for financial professionals includes private market asset class education and macro insights, complete with continuing education credits.