Sustainability Report

Working Together:
2023 Sustainability Report

KKR’s focus on sustainability is rooted in our commitment to value creation and value protection. 2023 reinforced how crucial collaboration is to our ability to deliver strong returns and shared success to those we serve. Our collaborative spirit is found in the ways we integrate sustainability into our investment and business activities — how and where we invest, how we support our companies, and how we operate as a business.

This 2023 Sustainability Report celebrates our collective ethos with the theme of Working Together. In the many examples covered in this report, it is clear that shared efforts lead to shared success — both in the way we invest and how we operate as a business. With the publication of this 13th annual sustainability report, we are energized by the positive impacts we have made.”
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Scott Nuttall & Joseph Bae Co-Chief Executive Officers

Select 2023 Highlights

Sustainable Investing

  • $45B+ in sustainability-focused investments, including $34B in climate and environmental sustainability investments, since 20101
  • 39 portfolio companies with 85,000+ non-senior management employees implemented ownership programs, awarding billions of dollars in equity since 20112
  • Launched new Global Climate investing strategy and appointed dedicated climate leadership team focused on the deployment and scaling of net-zero solutions and accelerating the transition of higher-emitting assets

Sustainable Operations


Looking back, our approach to sustainable investing over the past 15 years has been far from linear. We are constantly re-evaluating our approach and enhancing the ways we track our progress. We believe that dialogue, informed inquiry, and ongoing self-assessment help us to continuously adapt and result in better outcomes. It is always a good thing to question our approach and try to learn from others.”
Ken Mehlman Global Head of Public Affairs and Co-Head of KKR Global Impact

About our 2023 Sustainability Report

At KKR, we are committed to disclosing high-quality, relevant information as part of our annual sustainability reporting, and have been since our first report was published in 2011. The structure of this 2023 Sustainability Report3 published in June 2024, outlines the ways we aim to integrate sustainability into both our investment and business activities in two main sections:

Sustainable Investing covers sustainability-related activities in our investments.

  • ESG Integration
    We seek to integrate material environmental, social, and governance considerations into our investment processes to enhance our ability to mitigate risk, monitor performance, and seize sustainability-related opportunities across our investment platforms.
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  • Engagement
    We work together with portfolio companies to mitigate risk and strengthen management across key sustainability topics, such as implementing a governance framework to manage material sustainability topics, engaging human capital, managing climate-related risks and opportunities, and protecting data security and privacy.
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  • Investing Behind Trends
    We seek to invest behind sustainability themes with macro tailwinds, such as the energy transition, educational opportunity, workforce development, and circularity.
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Sustainable Operations covers sustainability-related activities at the Firm level.

  • Human Capital
    We work to foster an inclusive, respectful, safe, and engaging environment where all our people can thrive both professionally and personally.
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  • Environment
    We aim to improve resource efficiency to reduce our operational footprint and minimize environmental impacts.
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  • Data Responsibility
    We recognize the importance of protecting Firm, employee, investor, and vendor information, and we employ a systematic approach to safeguard data and information security across the Firm.
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  • Corporate Citizenship
    The Firm’s Corporate Citizenship platform helps build stronger communities through philanthropy, employee engagement, and sustainable community programs where we operate.
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  • Governance and Business Ethics
    As fiduciaries of capital, we are dedicated to employing the highest standards of integrity in all our dealings to uphold the trust of and create and protect value for our clients.
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Visit our Sustainability Resource Center

Access a wealth of sustainability resources. Download past reports, key policies, and other crucial documents from KKR's Sustainability Resource Center.


Includes capital invested in or committed to sustainability-focused investments from 2010 to December 31, 2023 by KKR funds and syndicated co-investments (including Global Atlantic’s sustainability-focused investments from 2015 to December 31, 2023). Relevant investments include the following sustainability-focused sectors: climate, environmental sustainability, cybersecurity, lifelong learning (including education and workforce development), and social equality (including financial inclusion and food security).
2 Cumulative figure as of December 2023 including active and exited portfolio companies with ownership programs covering 100% of full-time employees, typically with opportunities to earn six+ month worth of salary.
This report documents activities and includes performance data for calendar year 2023, unless otherwise noted. Where applicable, we also include our progress and planned activities for 2024. We provide detailed information about our efforts over the last year, as well as look ahead at our continued intentions.


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