Creating Impact through Sustainable Value

KKR Capstone is at the center of our value creation strategy, working side-by-side with investment teams and portfolio companies to identify and deliver sustainable operational value. From its beginnings in 2000 as a small team focused exclusively on KKR’s Private Equity funds, KKR Capstone has grown to a team of ~100 full-time operating professionals supporting all of our investment strategies around the world. 


How KKR Capstone Creates Value

  • Support Asset Selection
    We integrate with investing teams to proactively determine operational value creation levers and risks during due diligence, leading to more robust investment decisions.
  • Design Value Creation Plans
    By collaborating with investment teams, board members, and portfolio company management teams, we align on concrete plans to create sustainable value during KKR’s investment period.
  • Drive “On-The-Ground” Value Creation Initiatives
    The bulk of our work (70%+) consists in partnering closely with portfolio company management teams to jointly implement best practices and drive needle-moving value creation initiatives.
  • Maximize Cross-Portfolio Synergies
    We drive the creation of cross-portfolio programs that allow individual portfolio companies to benefit from the full scale of KKR’s portfolio and to access the vast KKR professional network of investors, portfolio company executives and top-notch vendors.

Typical KKR Capstone Value Creation Levers

Through its team of seasoned operating executives and network of top-notch third-party partners, KKR Capstone can provide portfolio companies with hands-on support across almost any value creation opportunity, such as:

The deep industry and functional expertise from our KKR Capstone team, paired with our broad ecosystem of world class partners, allows KKR Capstone to drive change in almost any situation."
Juan de Ochoa Co-Head of KKR Capstone EMEA
In today’s environment, operational improvements are a necessity to achieve our target investment returns. Our KKR Capstone team is an integral part to underwriting and delivering operational change in our companies."
Cathy Cai Head of KKR Capstone APAC
Our KKR Capstone Digital Value Creation team helps our companies identify technology disruption risks and opportunities, and to deliver tangible results from complex technology initiatives."
Nicholas Zeitlin Co-Head of KKR Capstone Americas
At KKR Capstone, we are committed to supporting our companies in cultivating an ownership culture. With our broad-based ownership programs, we make every employee an invested partner in the business's success."
Anne Arlinghaus Co-Head of KKR Capstone Americas

Personally invested, collectively working for you