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Energy Real Assets

Energy Real Assets

The KKR Energy Real Assets (“KKR ERA”) platform has been especially active in oil and gas since inception of the KKR Energy Income and Growth Fund I portfolio in 2012, and today¹, we believe we are a leader in asset-based investing in the oil and gas industry.

We pursue lower-to-moderate risk investment opportunities predominantly in North American oil and natural gas assets, which may include (i) oil and gas working interests; (ii) minerals and royalties; and (iii) opportunistic financings, structured either through asset-level investments or through structured investments in businesses owning these interests and/or related assets.

We employ a differentiated approach to investing in oil and gas, which includes a flexible investment mandate and active risk management strategy complemented by the deep industry expertise and broader capabilities of the global KKR platform.²

1 As of August 2017.

2 Information Barrier
Participation of KKR Private Equity, KKR Capital Markets, and KKR Capstone personnel in the public markets investment process is subject to applicable law and inside information barrier policies and procedures, which may limit the involvement of such personnel in certain circumstances and KKR Credit’s ability to leverage such integration with KKR. Discussions with Senior Advisors and employees of the Firm’s managed portfolio companies are also subject to the inside information barrier policies and procedures, which may restrict or limit discussions and/or collaborations with KKR Credit.