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KKR has established strategic partnerships with seasoned hedge fund managers, as well as early stage firms. We believe that these strategic partnerships provide our investors with access to a differentiated and diversified mix of hedge fund and liquid alternatives offerings that complement our core investments strategies.

Our strategic partnerships include:

  • PAAMCO Prisma: In 2017, we entered into a strategic transaction to create PAAMCO Prisma, a new liquid alternatives investment firm that combined the businesses of PAAMCO and Prisma Capital Partners. We retained a significant minority interest as a long-term strategic partner. PAAMCO Prisma is one of the largest liquid alternatives firms globally and, with a breadth of products and capabilities that span the liquid alternatives spectrum, is well positioned to continue to deliver highly-differentiated customized solutions to its clients.
  • Marshall Wace: In 2015, we entered into a long-term strategic partnership with Marshall Wace, a global alternative investment manager specializing in long/short equity products, and acquired a meaningful long-term minority interest in the business. Marshall Wace has a strong track record of innovation and investment success, and the partnership is predicated on the firms’ strong traditions of investing expertise, innovation, entrepreneurship and cultural alignment.