CIRCOR Marks Launch of Employee Ownership Program

  • 2 minute read
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CIRCOR International, a leading provider of mission critical flow control products and services for the Industrial and Aerospace and Defense markets, recently became the latest KKR portfolio company to launch a broad-based employee ownership plan. All 3,220 of CIRCOR’s employees across North America, Europe, and Asia are now owners of the company, which joined KKR’s portfolio in October 2023.

This video shows the unveiling of the employee ownership program at two of CIRCOR’s facilities in Corona, California and Radolfzell, Germany and highlights CIRCOR employees’ reactions to the exciting announcement.  

KKR has supported the implementation of broad-based employee ownership programs throughout its portfolio, first in its U.S. Industrials private equity investments and now more broadly across sectors and regions. Since 2011, KKR portfolio companies have awarded billions of dollars of total equity value to over 60,000 non-senior management employees, demonstrating how broad-based engagement and alignment can create business value while driving greater financial inclusion.

KKR is also a founding partner of the cross-sector initiative Ownership Works, a nonprofit on a mission to increase prosperity by developing and implementing broad-based employee ownership programs.



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