We believe that successful companies are only as strong as the communities in which they operate. Our citizenship platform aims to empower our employees, our portfolio companies, and our Firm to help create healthier, more resilient communities.

Being an engaged and responsible corporate citizen is important to KKR. Our philanthropic reach and citizenship activities encompass our Firm, our employees, and our portfolio companies. Our aim is to create vibrant workforces and support thriving communities.

Launching the KKR Relief Fund

Since launching our citizenship platform in 2016, we have defined our focus and strengthened our commitment to the communities we share. However, the COVID-19 crisis is new in both the scale and depth of its impact across the global economy, local communities, and our personal lives. As such, we recognize that our efforts must be more strategic and impactful than ever before.

In April 2020, through commitments from our firm, leadership and employees, we launched the $50 million KKR Relief Fund to support those most impacted by the crisis and the resulting economic dislocation. We aim to be part of the solution to the challenges facing our shared communities through four key pillars: supporting portfolio company employees; engaging our employees as leaders and change-makers; assisting small businesses; and providing strategic grants and partnerships. The KKR Relief Fund will make strategic community grants across three areas: supporting communities, creating meaningful opportunities, and helping our heroes. Learn more about our approach here.

Deepening Our Employees’ Impact: KKR Cares

Our people are our biggest asset, which is why we support not only their career development but also their desire to create positive social impact. Through four components of the KKR Cares platform, we offer opportunities that encourage and inspire employees as they engage with nonprofits and their communities.

KKR Employee Matching Gift Program

The KKR Employee Matching Gift Program matches employee donations to eligible nonprofit organizations. In 2020, we increased the matching ceiling to $8,000 per employee annually and offered a two-to-one match for all COVID-19 and equality-focused giving. We also expanded this offering in 2019 to match major donations from our Firm’s Partners. Since 2017, the firm has matched more than $4 million for a total of nearly $9 million to nonprofit organizations.

KKR 40 for 40

KKR 40 for 40 provides employees 40 hours of paid time annually to volunteer with community projects and nonprofit organizations that are meaningful to them. We are proud that more than 700 employees have volunteered more than 18,000 hours since 2016 through KKR 40 for 40. To introduce our employees to volunteer opportunities, we host Nonprofit Networking Events and lunch-and-learn sessions with community leaders. During 2019, we offered more than 75 events globally.

Nonprofit Board Service Opportunities

We connect KKR executives with nonprofit board service opportunities relevant to their personal and professional interests. Since 2015, we have placed more than 85 employees on nonprofit associate and governing boards across the Americas and Europe.

Pro Bono Consulting and Technical Services

KKR offers our employees the opportunity to provide pro bono consulting services and technical assistance to nonprofits and social enterprises. Employees’ time and dedication has offered meaningful support to these organizations and the populations they serve. In 2019, we expanded these efforts and launched a social enterprise accelerator; learn more below.

Launching a Social Enterprise Accelerator

In 2019, we expanded our technical assistance efforts with the creation of a bespoke program with Echoing Green, a leading accelerator of social entrepreneurs around the globe. Together, we created a 14-week program engaging three leading social entrepreneurs with 18 employees from across our U.S. offices.

Teams of KKR employees from diverse backgrounds, levels, roles, and disciplines competed for placement with their choice of social entrepreneur. After working to help solve the entrepreneurs’ biggest challenges and grow their impact, the teams came back together in a finale event to report on their work and compete for more than $50,000 in grants from KKR. The winning team worked with healthcare start-up CareMessage, helping the enterprise represent more than 500,000 new low income and underserved patients over the duration of the accelerator program.

KKR 40 for 40 – Year One Recap

Watch this 40 for 40 video, which celebrates the end of the program’s first year.

Note: All information and data are as of July 2017.

For the most current performance update and metrics on our ESG, impact, and citizenship activities, visit our ESG microsite. Read the 2018 ESG, Impact, and Citizenship Report for even more information.