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Life at KKR

Life at KKR
KKR | Life at KKR | Henry and George Walking
“Henry and I are first cousins and obviously have a very close and trusting relationship. The firm was founded on that - trust, integrity, sharing a common vision and really wanting anybody that you partner with to succeed.” – George Roberts
At KKR, we are investors. But we’re more than that.

It’s in our DNA

We’re collaborative team players who are curious about the world around us. We’re passionate about always learning more and pushing to be better. Here, no matter what stage of our career we are at individually, we’re never finished growing or discovering new ideas.

As a firm we manage investments across multiple asset classes and as individuals we are encouraged to think creatively to solve problems, explore opportunities, take on new responsibilities and challenges, put our clients first and contribute to our communities. We often measure success over years, not quarters. We value integrity in all that we do, whether it’s presenting numbers accurately or being open and honest with a portfolio company executive. People want to do business with those they like and trust. It’s a mantra instilled in all of us from the top down.

Culture and Work Environment

At KKR, you’ll find a team of curious, driven, dedicated and intelligent professionals who enjoy working together. We all work hard to create a friendly environment that encourages asking questions and reaching out to others.


No matter where you sit in the organization, you have the full resources, network, skills and expertise of everyone at KKR. Our firm-wide shared bonus pool means everyone’s interests are aligned and invested in your success.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Some of our best ideas come from giving people the time to explore, research and have conversations.


It’s at the heart of everything we do from our internal interactions to working with our portfolio companies. We’re building relationships for the long-term and that means aligning our interests with our investments and our investors.

KKR | Life at KKR | Jamie Weinstein

“People here like to be helpful and share experiences and use their networks to solve problems. It's a team sport.”

- Director, Private Credit

“People come here because we're all very results oriented and to be successful there's a lot of accountability. All employees care. People are really proud to be here and care a lot about the firm.”

- Principal, Client & Partner Group

“If you really believe in something -- an idea or something you want to do or learn -- this is a place that gives you opportunities.”

- Director, KKR Capital Markets