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Global Impact

Global Impact

Leveraging more than 40 years of experience, KKR Global Impact launched in 2018 to invest in solutions-oriented businesses

Our Mission

To invest behind scalable, commercial solutions to solve critical global challenges.

Our Vision

By investing in companies that deliver impact through their products or services and actively managing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks, we seek to deliver more resilient, long-term outperformance.

Building on KKR’s established history of investing in solutions and creating value

  • Over $10 billion invested over the past decade in companies with core business models that advance solutions to global, environmental, educational and workforce development, responsible consumption and production, worker safety, and societal challenges1
  • We developed an effective approach that integrates ESG considerations into our investment process by identifying potential risks and opportunities and managing critical issues – we believe responsibly governing a business is a part of achieving favorable investment outcomes

Addressing global challenges

  • Global Impact identifies promising companies that measurably contribute to solutions addressing critical global challenges identified by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)
  • Seeks to invest in opportunities where financial performance and societal impact are intrinsically aligned. We believe opportunities exist where investors can achieve financial outcomes by helping to solve critical challenges

Leveraging the Firm’s resources

  • KKR has built a proven model to source, diligence, and create value in companies around the world, including those companies whose core business model addresses a critical societal challenge. The Global Impact team leverages this toolkit to invest in businesses where we see great innovation and commercial opportunities to address critical societal needs. We seek to work strategically with management teams to help our portfolio companies achieve more – greater financial success, incremental positive impact, and improved ESG performance – and leverage the full suite of global resources including KKR Capstone, the KKR Global Institute, KKR Public Affairs, KKR Global Macro and Asset Allocation, KKR Capital Markets, and others, to achieve these goals.

How we are building a more resilient future

  • This report details Global Impact’s approach to investing behind scalable, commercial solutions that solve critical global challenges, as well as highlights of the portfolio’s contribution to the SDGs. This is a summary of our Global Impact Fund’s full 2020 Impact Report, which is provided to Fund investors.

Why Investing in Impact is Important to Me

“Growing up in China, I have seen firsthand the devastating impact of environmental pollution and climate change. It is an honor and privilege to be able to commit my time and energy to find meaningful solutions for the protection of our future generations – including my own children – and to do so as part of the KKR global team and impact platform.”
- Sharon Yang
“I believe very strongly in public service - we have an obligation to leave the world a better place than we found it. The ability to bring my passion and energy to an effort that also has the backing of KKR is a powerful opportunity. ”
- Ken Mehlman
“I grew up in Southern California and have enjoyed exploring our nation’s beaches and forests for as long as I can remember. I believe that the private market has a role to play in protecting our most valuable assets. The opportunity to contribute solutions, while also working to generate attractive returns for our investors, motivates me every single day.”
- Robert Antablin
“I want to scour the world and find businesses that are compelling commercial opportunities and are addressing the key problems that are facing us. Doing that in an entrepreneurial way with the support network that KKR brings... it's just an incredible opportunity.”
- Kyle Matter
“I started my career as an environmentalist who believes that the biggest environmental challenges and solutions can come from the corporate sector. I’ve been working to find a way to channel more capital to solutions that work and I can’t think of a better place to have ended up than doing that here at KKR.”
- Elizabeth Seeger
“Policy alone cannot solve the world’s most pressing problems. I want to find and grow companies affecting change in their respective markets and communities—those looking to improve human and environmental welfare, with the ability to deliver KKR returns.”
- Evan Kaufman
“I have always sought to pursue a career that is both challenging and meaningful. Impact investing at KKR provides a unique opportunity to work with a team of passionate individuals and partner with visionary companies to effect change.”
- Eleanor McEnaney
“I grew up in China and witnessed how economic growth impacted people’s lives – increasing wealth and comfort on the one hand but air pollution, water shortage and food safety problems on the other. I’m proud as a team member addressing these problems globally through our investment expertise at KKR.”
- Chris Sun
“The combination of an investor mindset with positive impact has always been part of my DNA – from the Kennedy School all the way through to KKR. I am thrilled that private equity is embracing impact; it is a real honour to be part of the story.”
- Tim Franks
“Investing my time and energy into businesses making a positive environmental and social impact is one of the most exciting opportunities I have received. Doing it at KKR, leveraging its undisputed investment track record and unique talents and resources, is very powerful and a great opportunity to combine financial returns with major impact.”
- Stanislas de Joussineau
“I grew up in Indonesia surrounded by people with urgent needs – for education, infrastructure, healthcare, credit and disaster relief. I’m proud to be part of an investing team that will “do well by doing good” in emerging Asia.”
- Ashish Shastry
“At home in Manly Beach, Australia, my life is centred around the natural environment. I want my three young daughters to grow up enjoying the same beaches, reefs and forests as I did, so the opportunity to combine my investing skills with my passion for the environment is an incredible opportunity.”
- George Aitken

1 Represents KKR’s solutions-oriented investments as identified by the KKR Global Impact team that were made globally by certain KKR funds and accounts from January 1, 2008 to March 31, 2022. The determination and assessment by the KKR Global Impact team of which investments to include in this figure involve significant judgment and may differ from another party’s review of KKR’s investments.