Shared Ownership

Investing in an Ownership Culture 

Ownership has been a tenet of private equity since its beginnings but historically has been reserved only for management.  Implementing broad-based ownership and giving employees a voice enhances employee engagement and can be a powerful tool for value creation for everyone involved.

  • Make Everyone an Owner
    Spread ownership to everyone in the company and treat them like an owner in the business.
  • Give Workers a Voice
    Provide key information on the business plan and performance and give workers a voice in how the company operates and invests.
  • Focus on Engagement
    Regularly measure engagement, solicit input and act on it.
  • Enhance Financial Literacy
    Empower employees with access to financial literacy training and coaching.

Ownership Works

Since 2011, KKR has supported portfolio companies in awarding billions of dollars of total equity value to over 100,000 non-senior-management employees in over 45 companies.
In 2022, KKR joined more than 20 organizations in becoming a founding partner of Ownership Works, a nonprofit created to support public and private companies transitioning to shared ownership models.
We have seen firsthand the benefits of this model. Investing in the workforce by introducing broad-based ownership and engagement programs is not only good for employees and good for business. If applied at a larger scale, programs that seek to align the interests of all employees can lead to greater financial inclusion, worker satisfaction and financial returns for all stakeholders."
Nate Taylor Co-Head of Global Private Equity

Employee Ownership in Action


News, Views and Recognition

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