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KKR Global Impact builds on our track record of investing in solutions and our history of thoughtful management of ESG issues. Through this strategy, we are seeking to generate private equity risk-adjusted returns alongside social good in order to meet the demands of today’s investors and provide solutions to the world’s pressing challenges.

“KKR Global Impact leverages the footprint and scale of our Firm. We believe it is critical that we combine a global and local approach, actively partnering with our colleagues within key local markets to deliver better outcomes.”

Member, Co-Head of KKR Global Impact

Opportunities for Impact

For the past decade, KKR has put in place strategies for thoughtfully managing ESG and stakeholder issues as a way to reduce risk and create sustainable value. We have also invested in companies where the core business model, product, or service provides a solution to an ESG-related challenge and produces strong financial outcomes alongside positive impact.

After seeing many such investment opportunities in the lower middle-market, in 2018 we launched KKR Global Impact: an impact investing business focused on tackling problems across the globe where KKR operates. By creating a dedicated strategy, we are better positioned to identify great opportunities, particularly in the lower middle-market, and to help these sustainable businesses grow.

Our Journey to Impact Investing

KKR believes that managing ESG issues in our investments can help generate strong returns for our investors while also having a positive impact on society. Below, we have highlighted select milestones in our journey to launching KKR Global Impact.

Our Journey Infographic

Our Global Team

We have built a global team to execute our impact investing goals. This team works collaboratively and creatively to source and evaluate potential investments and then generate and measure impact within our growing portfolio of impact companies. Our team members have shared values and complementary skills and come from diverse experiences and backgrounds. This enables us to provide a holistic point of view on impact.

Our Valued Partner: BSR

KKR has engaged with BSR to provide an external perspective on KKR’s impact investments and reporting frameworks. BSR is a global nonprofit organization that seeks to catalyze change within business by integrating sustainability strategies and operations. With global expertise on a wide variety of sustainability challenges and best practices, BSR is a natural fit for advising KKR Global Impact.

Learn more about KKR Global Impact.

For the most current performance update and metrics on our ESG, impact, and citizenship activities, visit our full ESG site. Read the 2018 ESG, Impact, and Citizenship Report for even more information.